David Laid Steroids – Is He a Steroid User?

david laid steroids

At such an early age, David Laid has managed to become an internet sensation with his amazing body transformation. His YouTube videos are liked by fans who are looking to pick up some mass. 

David Laid is a 20 years old American bodybuilder who used to weight around 98 lbs with 5.7 height, now he’s 6ft 2 and 190lbs.

The transformation of David Laid from a skinny looking girl to the ripped alpha male is something we can’t ignore, and the fact he achieved those goals in 3 years. 

David Laid Steroids is a popularly searched term amongst fitness geeks and experts, whether if he does something very strong for the results or did he pursue the natural ways?

David Laid Early Life

His father was Estonian who died at his young age, his mother who is a US citizen raised him throughout these years. In his school life, David Laid had a geek personality who wasn’t good at any sports, he was bullied several times due to his skinny physique. 

At the age of 14, David Laid suffered from Scoliosis. This is where he decided to start bodybuilding to get rid of negativity in his life and also his physical condition.

He gradually started weight lifting which paid him quite well after months of lifting. He started feeling better and throughout his 3 years of hard work, David put out all the negative things from his life.

David Laid Fitness Career

David Laid decided to perform weight lifting which he got good at. Now that he’s already lifting weight, it was time for David to put on some bulk for the heavy physique. So he put on muscles and tried to be as leaner he could. 

He also started searching for videos on YouTube that may have helped him to build muscle.

He watched the videos about lifting weight, videos on diet and nutrition, and motivational videos. 

Furthermore, gradually he started getting the things he was viewing. He said that he’d eat, go to class, watch wellness recordings, go to the rec center, eat, and rehash the procedure again and again. Before long he started building up and his certainty developed with his physical make-up. David archived his change and right up ’til the present time. 

He still routinely posts content on his YouTube channel and IG page. 

His change video circulated the web as he turned into a positive good example for little youngsters being harassed everywhere throughout the globe.

His story demonstrated that domineering jerks always lose and that if you try sincerely and need something severely enough. 


is david laid natural

Right, thus, we’ve taken a gander at all of the positives. Be that as it may, are there any possible negatives here?

Even though steroids despite everything require loads of difficult work and devotion. 

Many individuals do consider them to be an’s out. Without a doubt, youthful David hasn’t traversed into the clouded side? All things considered, we’ll currently endeavor to discover as we take a gander at whether we accept he is squeezing or if he’s natty. 


It appears to be fitting that we start with his change story. All things considered, it was this very story that makes him famous in any case.

David Laid matured 14, weighed only 98 pounds. Notwithstanding remaining at around 5ft 8 creeps in tallness (not that enormous like Mike O’hearn).

He looked sick, he was so thin. after 3 years he was 6ft 1 and gauged near 200 pounds – picking up around 100 pounds of strong fit bulk. For a great many people, 100 pounds of muscle in 3 years is inconceivable. Yet, remember that he was so thin, to begin with. 

On the off chance that he had built up from 160 pounds to 260 pounds. At that point, we’d shout ‘steroids’ for what might be seen like forever.

As he was so thin, to begin with, be that as it may, we’ll let this one slide as. It would be conceivable. 

Steroid Symptoms 

David Laid doesn’t have any undeniable steroid indications when you see his body. No bloated belly (Sign of HGH intake), no sign of gynecomastia (a sign of testosterone use), and no muscle swelling type problems.

Be that as it may, because somebody doesn’t have great steroid side effects, doesn’t mean they’re normal. We’ve broken down folks in the past who have normal-looking constitutions, however, are in all likelihood on steroids. In any case, one thing that stands apart on David’s body is his muscle completion. 

There are a few pictures of David all through the exercise center where he looks a lot greater contrasted with past pictures.

His muscles look a lot fuller contrasted with typical, showing that he could be in a cycle. Steroids enhance the water retention inside the muscles, giving them a fuller/more siphoned look. 

David Laid Gains Timeline

The most solid approach to recognize a steroid-client is by their benefits course of events.

The key here is to accumulate a few photographs of the individual after they initially began lifting loads and what they resemble now. See when a person first beginnings lifting loads he’ll explode and pick up generally 20lbs.

These are the standard ‘amateur increases’. Nonetheless, after this point gains become extremely gradual.

In this way, if an individual explodes again and keeps developing past this underlying 20lbs – it’s a sign he’s on the gas. Let’s view David’s advancement throughout the years. 

Steroids David’s Likely to be Taking?

david laid transformation

There is a chance David Laid has been taking the following steroids.

  • Dianabol 
  • Testosterone 
  • Clenbutrol 

David’s increased a huge amount of muscle, so he’d have to take the best muscle-building steroids to do this. These would be Dianabol and testosterone. 

You can find detailed review on Dianabol alternative D-bal review by Giannas.

For the chiseled body shape, Clenbuterol is the famous type of steroid used amongst bodybuilders and even Hollywood celebrities.

The purpose of Clenbuterol is to promote fat burn inside the body which reveals the ripped body mass on the top and makes it look like you have been sculpted by the angels. 

In the latest pictures of David Laid, it is easier for you to notice a measly 20lbs of muscle from hitting the loads.

He’s picked up generally 70lbs of muscle. This would bode well as steroids can add 50 lbs of muscle to your casing, and if you join this with 20lbs of novice gains – you have your 70lbs. 

David Laid Natural Steroids Alternatives

For every steroid which Dave has been using, there are alternatives to those things. For example, Clenbuterol is the anabolic steroid while Clenbuterol is the legal steroid.

It might be possible for David Laid to start the cycle of legal steroids where he should add all the legal options that he has been using for years. 

  • Dianabol has D-Bal
  • Trenbolone has Trenorol
  • Clenbuterol- Clebutrol
  • Anadrole- Anadrol

Who Sells Legal Steroids?

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All legal steroids are made of natural ingredients most of which extracted from the plant extracts.

While bodybuilders like David Laid have been consuming steroids, other areas of the world have been using legal steroids for years and so far they are all satisfied by the results, although they don’t like to post everything on social media. 

Summary – Is David Laid Steroids Real?

david laid workout

Most probably, I mean the transformation is huge than the duration so you can imagine how he chose the use of anabolic steroids.

Even though he has been using steroids, we can all admit his body shape has certainly improved than before. But again.

In light of the proof, David Laid could well have taken steroids. His benefits course of events is run of the mill of a steroid-client.

He’s guarded in the video where he discusses steroids, saying you’re not an awful individual on the off chance that you take steroids and that they’re not awful for you

The YouTube sensation admitted the use of steroids at many places, in many videos where he discussed his total dietary regimen and exercise plan. 

Nonetheless, legal steroids can be life-saving supplements for bodybuilders looking to have a body like David Laid.